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Lead Times:

    600 Series, 520 Series, 295 Edwin, Metal Bases, Metal Frame Accents, Guildstone: 10-12 Weeks

    All other standard vanities: 4-6 Weeks

    Custom will continue to have a 1-2 week lead time added on to standard lead time

    Guilder vanities: 1-2 Weeks

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Purchase Orders email orders@thefurnitureguild.com

Freight Estimates email stacy@thefurnitureguild.com

When it comes to bathroom vanities, you have a choice of “cabinetry” or “furniture.” A cabinet is basically a box with a door on the outside. For some, this is fine. But for the discerning client, only bench-made furniture will do. The Furniture Guild uses only the finest materials available in their State-of-the-Art facility in Canton, GA to make you whatever you want for your bathroom. The limitations are few and the possibilities are endless. From set styles to totally custom, The Furniture Guild is truly our industry’s top-shelf, Made in the USA brand that will last a lifetime and rival the furniture you have in any other room in your house.


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