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California Faucets - 08/23/22

We asked one of our artisans to demonstrate how they create our finishes. 

This video captures it on film. CLICK HERE

Most manufacturers mass-produce their brushed finishes. We believe in

doing it the old fashioned way - by hand. In fact, everyone of our 25+

finishes are handcrafted by our artisans in Huntington Beach, California. 

California Faucets - 07/18/22


These new phone system and email procedures that will properly route your calls & emails for better service:

Please do not cc any individual customer service representatives when emailing us as the system cannot track those emails and it will slow us down by creating double work!

Thank you for your cooperation and continued support.  The new phone and CRM system will help us help you! 

OCEANIA - 06/29/22


The Winner of the Good Design Award is...

CLICK HERE to see our Single Hole Tub FIllers


California Faucets Now Offers Pre-Configured StyleTherm® Kits - Making Their Most Popular Designs Even More Accessible to Designers and Consumers!

VALSAN - 04/15/22


Valsan will have a 20% price increase effective May 16.  When using the Valsan Pricebook, please add an additional 20% to the printed price.

An updated Excel Price Sheet will be sent out on May 1st reflecting this increase.

CLICK HERE for more information.

OCEANIA - 03/23/22

IMPORTANT! Oceania has an updated freight policy starting April 1, 2022 . Click Here for the details.

Click Here for the Updated Drop Shipment Authorization Form


We thank you for your business and support of California Faucets

Just a friendly "heads up" that there will be a new 2022 Catalog and Price List in early Spring. We will announce the exact effective date well in advance to give you plenty of time to update your systems and inform your clients.

Discontinued Items!

California Faucets always strives to keep their offerings fresh and relevant, so the new catalog will be full of exciting new products with outstanding designs and smartly considered technology. Of course, to make way for these new products, we will need to bid adieu to some old standbys. 

The button below will give you a heads-up of the products that are being discontinued so that you can begin pre-planning your display space and commitments while providing your customers with the most up-to-date information.

While the official "discontinued effective date" will be the effective date of the new catalog, we will continue to support and accept orders, inventory permitting, for an appropriate transition period afterwards. Please note that due to ongoing supply chain uncertainties, inventory may be exhausted prior to the official discontinue date, in which case, we will notify you that we are unable to accept the order. 

For example, that is the current case with all Swarovski Crystal products. About one year ago, Swarovski, announced that they were discontinuing the manufacture of all items except jewelry. At that time, we placed our final order estimating our needs for the next year. However, due to strong overall sales over the past l2 months, we exhausted that inventory earlier than projected and cannot get any additional supply. Therefore, all items containing Swarovski Crystal are discontinued effective immediately. 

For other items, we may find ourselves with excess inventory. In these cases, it may be an excellent profit opportunity for you to pick up overstock of discontinued items at a significant discount. If you are interested in getting a quote and availability of any discontinued item, please reach out to your Creative Bath Sales Rep.

Despite all the challenges, 2021 was a year of historic growth for us and, with your continued support, we anticipate another banner year in 2022. On behalf of everyone at California Faucets, we thank you for your partnership and look forward to growing with you. 

CLICK HERE for a full list of dicontinued items

AIRMADA - 02/10/22

Jerry with the Airmada folks and their Best of KBIS award!



California Faucets has accumulated quite a few product awards over the years ( and we are pleased to announce that they recently added two more trophies to their collection. 

  1. The Corsano Kitchen Culinary Faucet, a previous Interior Design “Best of Year” Award winner, recently won an honorable mention from the Decorative Plumbing & Hardware Association’s 2021 “POTY” awards.  One of the reason it was lauded again was because they freshened the series with the addition of a cool squeeze spray handle. 
  2. Their Single Hole Tub Fillers won Products Magazine’s 2022 “Most Valuable Product” Bronze Award.  While it didn’t win the gold, it was still recognized from among hundreds of submissions in the very large Kitchen and Bath Category, competing against all product types. 

Both the compelling aesthetic design and the practical 10GPM flow rate clearly caught the eye of the judges. 



Your clients may have many questions about the different type of shower systems available…“Should we use pressure balance?”  “Or, are thermostatic showers better?”  “What’s the difference?”

Our CEU webinar covers these questions and more…

Accreditation: IDCEC / NARI / HSW  

Credit: 0.1 (1.0 hour), 1.0 LU

Date and Time:  Wednesday, October 20th 11:00 am EST

Presented by:  Noel Lawlor and our East Coast A+D specialist Staci Mendelsohn Meier

For those who do not have CEU needs, our presentation is informative with plenty of useful insights on how to design the best shower systems for your clients…it’ll be a good time to ask all your what if…” plumbing questions!

And after the CEU, we’ll spend a few minutes highlighting our most recent NEW PRODUCT!!!

Simply RSVP to if you’d like to join us…😊.

Thank you!

Noel Lawlor

A + D Liaison

Cell: 949 554 5055

CEU: Water Saving Solutions For Spa-Like Showers by California Faucets

Record Backlog of Cargo Ships - 09/22/21

CLICK HERE to learn more

OCEANIA - 08/10/21

Please note that the following Agaya shower doors are out of stock and will not be restocked. Therefore, here are the models that are discontinued and corresponding  California shower door models for easy substitution:


AG36R34      ➤ PB23634
AG36R36      ➤ PB23636
AG42R36      ➤ PB24236

Matte Black:
AG36BK        ➤ PB136BK
AG36R36BK  ➤ PB23636BK
AG36R34BK  ➤ PB23634BK
AG42R36BK  ➤ PB24236BK
AG42R36      ➤ PB24236


Below models are available while stocks last: 

Also note that the Milano freestanding bathtub is also out of stock and is now discontinued.

Best regards,

The Oceania Team

VALSAN - 08/10/21


Dear Valued Customer:

As many of you know, the cost of raw materials, as well as transportation both domestically and internationally, has been on the increase since the beginning of 2021. Given these increases, we have no alternative but to institute an across the board price increase of 10% effective September 6, 2021. 

To help facilitate this increase, we will be emailing the new pricing in an Excel format to all of the showrooms and e-commerce partners, as well as providing the new price list in a flip doc upon request. At this time, we will not provide a printed price list, so please distribute this letter to all your sales associates.

ADD 10%
Effective September 6, 2021

This increase will not affect any projects that have already been quoted, but will be incorporated in new quotes.

On a positive note, our main factory in Portugal is at full capacity and our stock levels here in our White Plains, NY warehouse are excellent. Our inventory is replenished every two weeks and we are still more than happy to meet any of your custom needs.

Best regards,

Joe Niesi


To Our Valued California Faucets Partners- 

As most of you are already aware, due to rising costs in materials, transportation and labor, many manufacturers in our industry have already increased prices.  Not only is this happening in our industry but many others as well. 

As a result, California Faucets will also be raising prices with an across-the-board 10% increase effective July 15th

CLICK HERE to reach the letter from our CEO, Jeff Silverstein, that is being sent today to all of our dealers, that further explains the need to implement this increase.

Additional important points:

  • CF will be distributing updated pricing via an excel price sheet which will be made available to all Dealers.

  •  CF will not be printing a catalog or a PDF of the catalog at this time.  The only document available will be the Excel Pricing for those that can import the information and update your computer system.

  •  CF will make the Excel file available for download as well via the dealer portal as soon as possible.

  •  Effective immediately, CF will not be accepting stocking orders for roughs prior to the effective date of 7/15/21.

 Please let your clients know of this increase in case they wish to place an order prior to 7/15/21 to beat this 10% increase.

We appreciate your business and understanding in these challenging economic times.


The California Faucets model # 9190 “Tile StyleDrain” is now stocked at the factory in all available finishes!  As you know, they are often needed at the beginning of a job, just like any other roughs.

The top edge of the inner frame (wherein the tile is set) and the top edge of the outer frame are what is finished.

Available finishes are Polished Chrome (PC), Blackened PVD (BKD), Polished Nickel PVD (PN), Polished Brass PVD (PB), Satin Gold Brass PVD (SGB) and Satin Stainless Steel PVD (SNN).

Additional information can be found on page 374 on your price book or by clicking on this link:


Tile StyleDrain® Set with 2" No-Hub - 9190 - California Faucets (


As always, nothing is guaranteed 100% of the time in stock these days so it is best to check in advance if the need is urgent.

Thank you!


California Faucets has revised their Estimated Lead Time sheet today to reflect the following changes:

BNU is being extended to 8 – 10 weeks

LPG, CB & GRP are all being shortened to 8 – 10 weeks

The most popular finishes continue to have estimated lead times of less than five weeks:

PC: 1 to 3 weeks

SN & PN: 2 to 4 weeks

MBLK: 3 to 5 weeks

Click Here to Download California Faucets New Lead Time Sheet

These lead times are all based on factory conditions.  Of course, the disruption to the global supply chain is still a major factor for just about every industry.  When we cannot ship within the ESTIMATED lead times, it will most often be due to the disruption of the global supply chain. 


CLICK HERE to read a letter from Jeff Silverstein at California Faucets on the current state of shipments.


New Lead Times!

Click Here to Download California Faucets New Lead Time Sheet


There has been much discussion lately about delivery delays across all industries.  Covid-19 has affected staffing in Ports that receive goods and the factories that need those goods to finish their products.

California Faucets has been updating their Estimated Lead Time Sheet on a regularly basis;

CLICK HERE to view the latest. Production Status - California Faucets (

With all the challenges a factory like theirs has faced and worked through these past 12 months plus, they are still able to produce and ship their 4 best-selling finishes in under 5 weeks over 90% of the time:

PC             1 TO 3 WEEKS

SN            2 TO 4 WEEKS

PN            2 TO 4 WEEKS

MBLK       3 TO 5 WEEKS

As always, we appreciate your business!


California Faucets just updated their Estimated Lead Time sheet;

CLICK HERE to review

Key points:

The following finishes have had their ESTIMATED lead times extended:


The following finishes have had their ESTIMATED lead times pulled in:


 We appreciate your patience as the factory works through all the obstacles facing all factories these days not the least of which is extended lead times on parts sourced all over the world.

POSTED: 03/22/21  

CLICK ON the images below to read informative articles about the issues manufacturers are currently facing in getting the supplies they need to make their products:

OCEANIA -  POSTED: 03/22/21

Despite our best efforts, we are currently experiencing supply chain difficulties on some raw materials.

Unfortunately, this situation affects our production flow. Therefore, we would like to inform you that your orders may ship later than what was originally planned.


Additionally, for an indefinite period of time, production on the following products will be suspended.

Please note that we will not be able to set new shipping date before mid-April:
Corner shower unit (AV36/AV362S/PO36/PO362S/PO32/PO322S)
Multiple units order on Pure and City bathtubs (10 or more)
Showroom displays

If you need to place an order for one of these products, please send a separate PO.

For all products other than those stated above, be assured that we will do our very best to fulfill your orders as soon as possible.

Thank you for your precious collaboration,
The Oceania Team

OCEANIA -  POSTED: 02/18/21

CLICK HERE to see new configurations available from Oceania Baths in their Optimale Series:


Oceania Optimale Series is a unique juxtaposed bathtub and shower space concept designed to meet the diverse needs of designers that seek to create a feeling of roominess in the smallest spaces:

  • Shower and bath nested one beside the other
  • Modular system with over 70 possible configurations
  • Highest quality and most modern materials available: Lucite® acrylic shower base and bathtub
  • Doors and walls are 3/8” tempered glass treated with Oceania’s exclusive Clear View water-repellent technology
  • Suitable both for renovation projects as well as new buildings

OCEANIA -  POSTED: 02/16/21

As you probably know , the world supply chain is affected during this pandemic;  here is the situation at Oceania Baths for the Influence One Piece Free-Standing Bath Series:

Lisbon : Stock 24 units

London : Sold out , ETA 1st week of April 2021 .

Milano ; Sold out , ETA 1st week of April 2021 .

We will update you if any changes should occur. Thank you for your business!

OCEANIA -  POSTED: 02/11/21

Please CLICK HERE to read an Updated Freight Policy from Oceania Baths that adds info about potential additional costs when freight must be re-routed or additional handling is required.


CLICK HERE to read three key changes to the Management Team at California Faucets. 

These moves strategically position them to have their top talent focusing significant time and energy on positioning California Faucets for the future.

OCEANIA -  POSTED: 01/22/21

CLICK HERE to find a helpful “cheat sheet” showing the free-standing tubs from the Oceania “Authentik” Collection with their List Prices to assist you in your efforts to sell this fine line!


California Faucets has revised their Lead Times.

CLICK HERE for an explanation.

OCEANIA -  POSTED: 01/15/21

The new Muskoka from Oceania is a free-standing tub with a unique egg-shape. 

However, it cannot be ordered with the Wrap Finishes as the factory has found that it is impossible to get a perfect look.

CLICK HERE for more information


CLICK HERE to read a year-end letter from Jeff Silverstein, President of California Faucets, with updates on what is happening at the factory.



New Products just announced from California Faucets! 
Be prepared to be amazed…

CLICK HERE to read the Cover Letter that offers a great overview of all the new items

CLICK HERE to view the New Product Guide with List Pricing

CLICK HERE to view a short movie showcasing the New Products

CLICK HERE to access a power point offering great photography
Display Specials are available for our Dealers; please contact your Rep for the details or CLICK HERE to send us an email. 
As always, we thank you for your support of this fine decorative line and their USA factory.

OCEANIA -  POSTED: 11/11/20

Oceania Baths Updates

Oceania Baths is introducing the “Rupert,” a new tub in the “Authentik” Series. 
This tub is available either with 3 skirts or 2 skirts and will be available beginning November 15. 
CLICK HERE for the Rupert sales sheet with 3 skirts. 
Model Numbers / List Price: 
RU62 (3 skirts)
RU62-SFL (skirt front and left)
RU62-SFR (skirt front and right) 
List Price: $3601.00
As of today, Oceania Baths will be discontinuing the following models: 
Noble Freestanding
Freedom Freestanding
Sublime 6634 Freestanding
Florence (Influence Series)
Oulu (Influence Series / Please Note: the factory currently has 5 of these models left in stock as of today).
 Shower Doors
California Matte Black
The factory will be stocking California Doors in Matte Back, beginning next month.  With this move, they will be able to sell fixed Shower panels in that finish.
This also means they will offer an alternative for Pivot doors in the Agaya & California Series. Pricing on that will be available next month.
Optimale Selector
Just to remind you that the Optimale selector is available on line for your use.  The version with pricing can be forwarded to all sales consultants; making the selling and promoting of Optimale much easier with this professional tool.
Please give it a try at

OCEANIA -  POSTED: 09/25/20

Oceania Baths is updating the linear overflow version of their popular "Pure" bathtubs.  As of October 1, 2020, the toe-touch drain and overflow trim will be a required accessory from Oceania Baths and shipped in its own box to be installed by the contractor on the jobsite. 

CLICK HERE to view this linear drain and overflow pdf with the choice of finishes. 

The standard round overflow hole version is also still available; it requires a waste and overflow drain available from the manufacturer of your choice.  The round version Pure tub is our best seller for projects.

The price for all Pure tubs will remain the same with round or linear overflow.  Please contact us for quantity pricing offered on Pure tubs.


Shower Kits are now available from California Faucets!  

CLICK HERE to view a pdf of the offering. There are 13 predetermined configurations for 7 of the top series.  If you and your client like exactly what the kit includes, this will simplify the ordering process with just one item number. 

Please note that substitutions of any type cannot be accepted. You can still order anything a la carte if you do not want it exactly as it is offered in the Kit.

We appreciate your support!

OCEANIA -  POSTED: 09/16/20

The new “Chilko 64” from Oceania Baths is a new free-standing tub with a unique shape. 

The compact format comfortably accommodates one or two people and can easily work in classic or contemporary designs since it is both oval and rectangular.

CLICK HERE to for more info. 

CLICK HERE for the retail price sheet that also specs and other useful info.

DADOquartz - Posted: 09/08/20

DADOquartz has decided to discontinue the current versions of the BUDDY and GABBY bathtubs by the end of this year.

These are the only two tubs in the line that do not have internal overflow systems.

Therefore, this change will make all their tubs 100% internal overflow systems. No more ugly “waste and overflow” drains needed!

CLICK HERE to email us a request for the SALE price info for these soon-to-be-discontinued tubs. 

CLICK HERE to see these CHILD- FRIENDLY tubs. 

The BUDDY and GABBY may return in the future with internal overflows.   


Good News!  The California Faucets 800-822-8855 phone number is back!

More Good News…lead times are getting better every day, showrooms are reporting that we are outperforming the competition and factory operations are doing great.

Up-to-date details can always be found here:

Thank you for your patience during our careful factory reopening.  We appreciate your business!


Say goodbye to droopy handshowers!  Unlike other wall brackets for handshowers, our adjustable version enables you to securely position the handshower angle “just right” for the most comfortable, personalized shower experience.  They pair perfectly with our All-Brass Multifunction Handshowers.

Click Here for a demonstration.


Lead Times Update

California Faucets estimated lead times continue to come down and in some cases are even better now than pre covid-19, especially the satin PVD finishes.  CLICK HERE to see stated lead times for all but 6 finishes.  You can email customer service for the latest information on those non-published 6 finishes via this email address:

As you might have experienced, the California Faucets phone lines have been challenging for the last two weeks.  Starting today, they are using a temporary fix that will be a huge improvement for Dealers calling into the office. Please continue to use the temporary 657-400-1600 for now; the 800# should be back soon.


Large Format Showerheads from California Faucets!

Watch this short video and experience a truly luxurious shower experience from California Faucets!

DADOquartz - Posted: 08/14/20

DADOquartz is providing beautiful pony walls to showcase their beautiful products. Take a look!


California Faucets just updated their Finish Estimated Lead Time again:

  • LPG now has an estimated lead time of 4-8 weeks.  Info on LSG should be updated soon  
  • USS is now 3 to 6 weeks


Dramatic Lead Time Progress!

California Faucets has announced the following updated ETA’s on their most popular finishes:

PC: 2-4 weeks

SN: 3-5 weeks

MBLK: 4-6 weeks

PN (PVD): 4-6 weeks

USS (PVD): 4-7 weeks

SB (PVD):  4-8 weeks

 You can always get the latest information on lead times here:  

 Lead times keep coming down and are changing weekly. For all other finishes, please contact

 As always, if you have a special request or need please reach out to us. We appreciate your business and support.

OCEANIA -  POSTED: 07/16/20


The new “Muskoka” 67”x36”x22” free-standing tub from the Oceania “Authentik” Signature Series is now available. 

It is already in the 2020 Price Book on page 29. 

Color sheets will be out soon. 

CLICK HERE to take a look!


Click Here to view a short Video to see what's new at California Faucets

California Faucets    -  Posted: 07/14/20

We are pleased to report that the California Faucets factory is now back in full operation and able to produce all of our 28 artisan finishes!

CLICK HERE to read more

California Faucets    -  Posted: 06/30/20

Updated Lead Times

New finishes (ACF, ANF, ABF, GRP, BLKN)  have been added to the California Faucets list of available finishes to order.  You can see the entire list here:

We hope to have all the finishes available soon!

OCEANIA  -  Posted: 06/29/20

Small Space? Oceania Has a Perfectly Unique Solution! 

The Optimale Series from Oceania Baths is a unique  concept for small spaces that combines the bathtub and shower space.  With over 75 possible configurations, designers are excited to learn about this option!
To make things easier, Oceania Baths now has a new Interactive Optimale Configurator Tool available at to help you show the clients the possibilities that await!
Click Here for a tutorial to explain how the Configurator tool works.

California Faucets    -  Posted: 06/17/20

Progress to fully re-opening the California Faucets factory continues to move forward. 

Starting tomorrow, the factory will be adding the following finishes:  SBZ, LSG, BNU.  This brings us to 15 finishes now available.  

Please CLICK HERE for the most up-to-date information on Lead Times.

California Faucets    -  Posted: 06/09/20


The factory is steadily gearing up; beginning tomorrow, June 10, they will be back up to full staff for all shifts and production will increase accordingly.  

The following finishes will be added: BTB, ORB and LPG.  They are already offering these finishes: PC, SN, PN, MBLK, PB SB, USS, BBU and PBU.

If all continues to go well, they will be adding more finishes for each of the next three weeks which will bring us to all finishes with a full staff.  

A note of caution: The virus numbers in the State of CA are ticking up.  As has been the case this entire time, the safety for the factory team is the number one concern; management has been monitoring conditions vigilantly. Should anything pop up that would alter the current course, we will keep you advised.  

CALIFORNIA FAUCETS -  Posted: 06/02/20

California Faucets is pleased to announce that they are progressing well with the factory re-opening.  As a result, starting today (6/2/20), the following finishes will be added to production: PB, SB, USS, BBU, PBU.

These are in addition to the four finishes already in production: PC, SN, PN, & MBLK

If all continues to go well, the factory is planning to add more finishes mid next week.  This all depends on no changes due to the virus or other issues at the factory.  

All in all, very encouraging news!

CALIFORNIA FAUCETS -  Posted: 05/23/20

CLICK HERE for an important update on the California Faucets factory from Jeff Silverstein, CEO.

CALIFORNIA FAUCETS -  Posted: 05/23/20

NEW All-Brass Multifunction Handshowers are a quick and easy way to enhance the overall bathing experience while adding a spa-like sense of luxury to the bath

CALIFORNIA FAUCETS -  Posted: 04/30/20


Hope everyone is safe and doing well during this Pandemic. This will pass sooner than later and normalcy will be here again. I wanted to update you on California Faucets Covid-19 status.

As you know, California Faucets decided to pause factory operations last month to protect the safety and health of all employees, their families and the community-at-large. 

After careful planning, they have determined that they can safely build and ship California Faucets Polished Chrome and Satin Nickel orders*.   They are doing this with a skeletal crew that can comfortably adhere to the strictest of expert guidelines to retain a safe and healthy work environment. 

Currently, they are only able to do this with Polished Chrome and Satin Nickel because neither requires the multi-step processes and larger finishing crews to produce the more complex artisan finishes.   Existing PC and SN orders are now in production and all new PC and SN orders will be promptly entered and scheduled. 

Shipping times will be delayed initially as they re-start operations and begin to work on back orders.  Please give them about two weeks before asking about specific PO’s as they work to navigate the situation.   

The factory is assuming all orders you’ve sent in prior to the factory pausing production remain current and will ship accordingly unless we hear from you.

They will continue to enter new orders for all finishes, create RMAs, respond to customer service inquiries, provide technical assistance, as well as ship critical components like valves and cartridges.  

We all eagerly look forward to a day very soon when they can safely expand production to the rest of the finishes.  But they will not do it any sooner than is believed to be safe for their employees and reflects the caring spirit of the stay at home order.  Flattening the curve and protecting the health of all, especially the most vulnerable, remains the number one priority.

* Note: If you are also a dealer of Dezi Home, those items will also begin shipping but in Polished Chrome only.

CALIFORNIA FAUCETS -  Posted: 04/14/20

Dear Friend of California Faucets,

While our marketing team continues to work remotely during California's "stay at home" order, we decided to produce a public service announcement to remind everyone how important it is to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds.  Dubbed the "Wash Your Paws" campaign, we hope it brings a smile to your face.  We hope you'll share this entertaining but important message with all your friends and associates. 

We have two fabulous pets to share with you! Click the link below to see the video on your preferred platform.

Cooper: Facebook  |  Instagram
Baloo: FacebookInstagram

Want to get in on this public service campaign?  Take a photo or video of your pet washing their paws and email it to us at, so we can share it on our Facebook and/or Instagram.  And don't forget to wash your own paws for at least 20 seconds!

Stay healthy!

CALIFORNIA FAUCETS -  Posted: 04/06/20


Dear Select Dealers:

I hope that everyone is staying safe and healthy.  We understand that everyone is operating under difficult circumstances while navigating this unprecedented and rapidly changing situation.  We are doing our best to be a good business partner, a valued supplier, and an overall good world citizen during this difficult COVID-19 crisis.

I want to take a moment to update the current status of operations at California Faucets, Dezi Home and PVD Coatings.  While we could try to argue that we meet the “technical” classification of essential, we cannot in good conscience put our employees at risk of exposure, nor the community-at-large.  We believe we need to err on the side of protecting lives rather than short term commerce.  For these reasons, we have elected to continue to keep our production facility closed in accordance with the State of California “Stay at Home” order.

However, we continue to work remotely and have a very minimal staff in the factory to continue serving urgent needs (e.g. roughs, cartridges, etc.).  Please note:

  •  We have bolstered the ability for more of our customer service staff to work from home in order to give you more prompt service. 
  •  We have updated lead time information for visibility on projected lead times once we are able to reopen at
  •  We continue to fulfill and ship essential repair parts, cartridges, rough valves, etc.
  •  While we have rough valves in stock and can ship them, we may not “allocate” larger stocking orders to ensure we have sufficient supply available for everyone (we don’t want our rough valve area to look like your local supermarket toilet paper shelf 😊).
  •  We cannot accept returns at this time as there are no personnel in the factory to receive and process them.

 In addition, please note the following important contact information to reach our team working from home:

  •  For new orders:  We will continue to receive and process new orders via email only at  We will enter them as usual and you should receive an emailed order confirmation as always, but we will not begin production until the factory re-opens.  
  •  For all customer service-related questions:  We will respond to you as swiftly as circumstances will allow, so thank you for your patience and understanding.
  •  For technical questions:  If you need to speak directly to a technician, please include a phone number, and the on-duty technician will contact you.
  •  For accounting questions:

 In the meantime, don't forget to sanitize, wash your hands, and maintain social distance in accordance with the guidance from scientific experts.

 Stay Safe, 

 Jeff Silverstein

President & CEO

DADOquartz - Posted: 03/24/20

DADOquartz currently has approximately 300 bathtubs, and even more basins, in stock in their Charleston, SC,  warehouse, with more inventory on the way.  The warehouse is open and shipping!   

Additionally, they have introduced an even more generous “spiff” program; please email us at, if you would like to receive a copy.

CALIFORNIA FAUCETS -  Posted: 03/23/20

Click here to read this important message from Jeff Silverstein at California Faucets about their factory closing.

Accounts can check on orders during this pandemic by using as stated in the letter.  There is also an email for technical help: that everyone can use.

The factory remains shut to protect the health of over 150 factory workers. 

CALIFORNIA FAUCETS -  Posted: 03/20/20

This email was distributed today


As many of you have already heard, the Governor of California, Gavin Newson, has issued an executive order ( mandating that the entire state must “stay in place” except for critical services such as food and medical care.
What does this mean to you? California Faucets doesn't know how long the factory will be closed. The phones at this point will not be answered by humans: they are in the process of putting in place a voicemail system remotely. We will let you know when this system is up and working.
As this health crisis continues the Creative Bath Sales Team is here to help you with any questions or concerns.

Please stay safe and healthy!

CALIFORNIA FAUCETS -  Posted: 01/07/20

No time for a CEU presentation but would like the credit (and knowledge)?  You can now easily take the California Faucet’s CEU course online!  CLICK HERE to get started.



Have a client looking for a large showerhead?  But they want it to be sleek and ultra-thin? 

And available in over 30 finishes?  CLICK HERE to find your answer!

CALIFORNIA FAUCETS -  Posted: 11/22/19

California Faucets has introduced Mulholland StyleDrain, the first of four new drain styles by renowned Beverly Hills interior designer Christopher Grubb for the company’s patented, award-winning StyeDrain® collection.

CLICK HERE to see the drain and read what KBB Online reports

CLICK HERE for more info from KB Resource

CALIFORNIA FAUCETS -  Posted: 11/04/19


California Faucets has new StyleDrain™ grids coming out designed by Christopher Grubb. 

CLICK HERE to read all about it.

CALIFORNIA FAUCETS -  Posted: 10/02/19

Please CLICK HERE to read the Sept 30 update on the ERP Software Implementation progress from Jeff Silverstein at California Faucets.

Please note that, while tremendous progress is being made towards getting back to our Estimated Lead Times, the factory is still asking for 2-3 more weeks on average.  We’ll let you know when they are back to our usual ETA’s.

CALIFORNIA FAUCETS -  Posted: 09/26/19

CLICK HERE for a New Products Guide just released by California Faucets. All products are available for ordering now. 

Please keep in mind that estimated lead times on these and all products are longer than usual as the new software implementation is in the works. 

CALIFORNIA FAUCETS -  Posted: 07/10/19

California Faucets ERP Software Implementation Update:

As California Faucets enters week 2 of their new ERP Software implementation, we continue to be encouraged by the progress they have made.  

Behind the scenes, they are working feverishly to ensure that our customers have as little disruption to their business as possible.  Most of you will not experience any significant difference between the old system and their new and improved system.

However, we appreciate your patience if you do experience any delays in receiving your orders. 

Please CLICK HERE to read an update letter from Jeff Silverstein, President & CEO.

DADOquartz - Posted: 06/28/19

Sometimes a trucking company accidently damages a tub in transit.  Here is one such example, their beautiful Vivane model. 

Now they now have a perfect VIVIANE tub again!


CALIFORNIA FAUCETS -  Posted: 06/17/19


CLICK HERE for a quick reference dimension guide for California Faucets main kitchen collection of faucets. It might be a very handy tool for you!

CALIFORNIA FAUCETS -  Posted: 06/13/19

We’re pleased to announce that California Faucets has just received a Telly Award for their video “Bath Time”!  

The Telly Awards honors excellence in local, regional, and cable television commercials, as well as today’s most exciting digital videos for all screens, as voted on by The Telly Awards Judging Council—a group of over 200 working industry leaders.

The California Faucets video features the increasingly popular Descanso Series tub filler, widespread faucet, and shower system and reprises a version of the catchy tune from their previous award-winning video “Aqua Pella.” 

CLICK HERE to view more details on the Press Release.  Please CLICK HERE to email us if you want to learn more about how you can use this video in your showroom marketing.

CALIFORNIA FAUCETS -  Posted: 06/11/19

…get a grip!  So let’s talk Grab Bars.  😊

Slippery surfaces can make shower enclosures and bath tubs rather treacherous at times so a WELL-placed grab bar can help prevent accidents for all ages.

I know, I know…grab bars have been a little bit ugly in the past! 

But not now!!

California Faucets NEW decorative grab bars:

TEN different style options to complement each of our faucets series (we love details just like you).

TWENTY-EIGHT finishes.

Various lengths (12” – 48”).

Valsan -  Posted: 06/06/19

Introducing Valsan's 2019 Catalog and Price List!

Here are some of the changes to our policies and offerings:
  • Minimum order has been eliminated
  • Drop ship fee to a residence has been eliminated
New additions to our existing collections including:
  • Paper Towel Holder
  • Single Perpendicular Towel Bar
  • Double Perpendicular Towel Bar
  • 9 inch Towel Bar
  • 12 inch Glass Shelf
  • Glass Shelves and Grab Bars to our Kingston Collection
  • Free Standing Soap Dispenser to our Pombo Essential Collections
  • Additional Finishes including Matte Black, Polished Brass, Unlacquered Brass and Gold to most collections
New Collections:
  • Axis - Contemporary
  • Industrial - Loft Inspired
  • Olympia - Traditional
  • Custom Design Solutions - If you don't see something - say something!!

Dezi Home -  Posted: 06/06/19

CLICK HERE to see the ultimate bath rack from Dezi Home. 

It is adjustable, won’t slip off the tub with its rubber gromets and holds a tablet nicely!

CALIFORNIA FAUCETS -  Posted: 05/24/19

In the interest of communicating accurate lead time information to our customers, we would like to inform you of the following two issues from California Faucets:

  •  The current inventory of ribbon spouts-- used in the 72 and 78 Series-- are not meeting their strict quality standards when it comes to polished finishes.  Therefore, they are temporarily not accepting orders for any 72 or 78 Series faucets in polished finishes until further notice.  These finishes include:  Polished Chrome, Polished Nickel, Polished Brass, Lifetime Polished Gold, French Gold, and Black Nickel.  The 72 and 78 Series may, however, still be ordered in all other finishes.
  • The current inventory used in their Deluxe Angle Stop program is not meeting their normal quality standards.  In an abundance of caution, they are not shipping any pending orders, nor accepting any new orders, for all finishes until further notice.  The affected SKU’s are: 9000, 9001, 9004, and 9005 and also Angle Stop Kits that contain the affected SKU’s: 9820 to 9834, 9851, & 9853.

 California Faucets apologizes for this inconvenience and would like to assure their valued customers that they are working diligently to resolve the above issues. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding.   

CALIFORNIA FAUCETS -  Posted: 04/29/19

We are deeply sorry to let you know that Fred Silverstein, the beloved founder of California Faucets, unexpectedly passed away last night.  

For those of you who were fortunate enough to know Fred, you know what a truly special human being he was and what a loss it is; not only for family, friends, and community, but for employees and the industry at large.  We are both deeply saddened and enormously grateful for the legacy he leaves behind. 

In honor of Fred, the factory will be closed tomorrow (Tuesday, April 30) and will re-open on Wednesday. 

Your understanding is greatly appreciated.

CALIFORNIA FAUCETS -  Posted: 04/25/19


The sleek and contemporary ultra-thin showerheads from California Faucets made the “101 Top Plumbing Products” list from Building Design & Construction! 

CLICK HERE to see read more.

California Faucets continues to receive awards and industry recognition for ground-breaking products. 

CLICK HERE to read about the 77 Series Morrow Bay series and its “floating handle!”

CLICK HERE to read how California Faucet’s ZeroDrain is a money-saving product.  (Hint: Installation time and ongoing maintenance)

CALIFORNIA FAUCETS -  Posted: 04/23/19

A brief discussion on whether to select Living Finishes or PVD Finishes for your faucets…

Living finishes are uncoated metal; they’re beautiful, like a fine piece of jewelry.  But they will uniquely age and change over time.  Finish care instructions must be followed!

PVD finishes, or Physical Vapor Deposition, come with a lifetime guarantee against tarnishing.  Super-hard and molecularly bonded, PVD is by far the most durable finish available.

Why select a PVD finish?  After all, the most commonly heard objection to PVD is “Living Finishes are more beautiful.” 

This is true.  From a purely artisan point of view, many clients say they look better when compared to PVD finishes.  However, once PVD finishes are installed in the bath or kitchen, there will be no side by side comparisons so the PVD finish will look good and remain stable for many, many years.  Not so with Living Finishes!

Living Finishes constantly change (patina) and require much more care if you want to avoid an uneven or “blotchy” look.  When more than one Living finish faucet is installed in the bath or kitchen, they can even look very different from each other!

For a more even look, faucet wax should be applied to Living Finishes ASAP after installation.  Plumbers usually have chemicals on their hands, which transfers directly to the uncoated metal of Living Finishes during the installation.  This will affect the patina process where they touched the faucet.

Additionally, faucet wax should be reapplied on a regular basis.  Living finishes are a commitment that must be explained and understood during the sales process.

On the other hand, PVD requires little care.  It is like an inexpensive insurance; pay a little more now for the faucet but you are covered with a lifetime guarantee against tarnishing.

California Faucets offers 13 PVD finishes, more than any other Manufacturer we know of!   Consider a PVD finish like Carbon (CB) or Mocha Bronze (MOB), when thinking about using a Living Finish like Oil Rubbed Bronze (ORB).

Another common complaint we hear from Homeowners is “no one told me what will happen to my Living Finish!”  Let’s be sure to continue to educate clients on the differences so they know what they are buying.  Otherwise, we increase our chances for a finish complaint and loss of good will.

CALIFORNIA FAUCETS -  Posted: 04/11/19


From California Faucets - the CF Descanso high spout in the ANF finish with black carbon fiber cross handles!

Click Here for more pictures.

CALIFORNIA FAUCETS -  Posted: 04/03/19

California Faucets had a record setting month in March; we thank all our customers for their support! 

We are also pleased to report that despite the wonderful spike in volume, we currently do not anticipate significant delays in shipping, with one exception... 

The only item that currently merits mentioning is our Terra Mar 78 Series ribbon spout (formerly the 72 Series).  We are unfortunately experiencing some spot outages and delays on the 78 Series lav and vessel faucets.  The delay on this particular series faucet may range anywhere from 0-4 weeks.  

CALIFORNIA FAUCETS -  Posted: 03/06/19

Here is how an overflow in a Bathroom Lavatory Sink works; shown using the California Faucets innovative ZeroDrain™ pop-down drain. 

ZeroDrain™ works with any Bathroom Sink with a built-in overflow, as shown, is easy to install and even easier to clean!  No linkage to undo as with typical pop-up drains.

CALIFORNIA FAUCETS -  Posted: 12/19/18

Singing In The Bath Was Never This Much Fun!

CLICK HERE to view the new 30 second TV commercial from California Faucets!   

It’s an innovative 30 second fantasy video that imagines what can happen when you take a bubble bath surrounded by handcrafted California Faucets fittings

CALIFORNIA FAUCETS -  Posted: 11/21/18

The 2018 Dealers' Choice Award Voting is Running Through December 15th

DPHA manufacturers are market and design leaders. Their offerings represent best-in-class products that DPHA believes deserve recognition.  That's why the DPHA Awards Committee added the Dealer's Choice Award a few years ago. This award - that was announced at this year's conference for 2017 and which was the California Faucets Morro Bay Single Hole Faucet - was added to place new products in front of the staffs of every DPHA dealer.