Important Info to Know!

Electric Mirror (Covered in AZ, LV)    -  Posted: 03/11/19

Introducing the Savvy SmartMirror from Electric Mirror.  

This product is a computer and/or TV screen in a mirror that is internet and app based with capacitive touch.

CLICK HERE for more info.  Shipping begins May 1, 2019. 

OCEANIA (Covered in NY, CT, AZ, LV)    -  Posted: 03/11/19

CLICK HERE for a list of shower door panels that are currently out-of-stock.

CALIFORNIA FAUCETS -  Posted: 03/06/19

Here is how an overflow in a Bathroom Lavatory Sink works; shown using the California Faucets innovative ZeroDrain™ pop-down drain. 

ZeroDrain™ works with any Bathroom Sink with a built-in overflow, as shown, is easy to install and even easier to clean!  No linkage to undo as with typical pop-up drains.

THE FURNITURE GUILD (Covered in NY, CT, NJ, E PA, AZ, LV )-  Posted: 03/04/19

It’s finally here! The Furniture Guild office is moving into their new location. They will be under the same roof as their production team, which means they will be able to serve you even better! The move is happening the morning of Friday March 8th. They are hoping to be back up and running, at least email if not both email and phone, by 12 pm. If you have any questions please feel free to give them a call before then.

 Thank you all for your support of The Furniture Guild! We wouldn’t be here without you!

THE FURNITURE GUILD (Covered in NY, CT, NJ, E PA, AZ, LV )-  Posted: 01/31/19

Take a look at what The Furniture Guild’s MB5 metal base looks like on a Riva vanity.

PANASONIC (Covered in AZ, LV)    -  Posted: 01/02/19

CLICK HERE to find a PDF version of the updated Panasonic Ventilation List Price sheet, effective 1/18/19. The following models will increase in price:

Whisper Warm:

  • FV-11VH2-WhisperWarm fan-heater
  • FV-11VHL2-WhisperWarm fan-heater-light


  • SACG2K-06-SelectCycler Kit, 6" Duct
  • SACG2K-04-SelectCycler Kit, 4"Duct
  • SACG2K-08-SelectCycler Kit, 8"Duct
  • SACG2K-10-SelectCycler Kit, 10"
  • SACRR   8-Range Hood Pressure
  • SACTG-C02-COLD Temperature Sensor
  • SACTG-H01-HOT Temperature Sensor


  • FV-WCPT1-W- SmartExhaust Wall Control 

Whisper Value DC Duct Adapter:

  • FV-VS43R-Whisper Value DC 4" oval to 3' round duct adapter

OCEANIA (Covered in NY, CT, AZ, LV)    -  Posted: 12/19/18

Happy Holidays From Oceania!

CALIFORNIA FAUCETS -  Posted: 12/19/18

Singing In The Bath Was Never This Much Fun!

CLICK HERE to view the new 30 second TV commercial from California Faucets!   

It’s an innovative 30 second fantasy video that imagines what can happen when you take a bubble bath surrounded by handcrafted California Faucets fittings

THE FURNITURE GUILD (Covered in NY, CT, NJ, E PA, AZ, LV )-  -  Posted: 12/13/18

Please be advised that The Furniture Guild is currently running a 16 week lead time on all metal vanities. This includes the following vanity series:

  • 292 – Henley
  • 295 - Edwin
  • 505 – Josie
  • 605 – Paxton
  • 610 - Winston
  • 615 - Alton
  • 620 – Avant
  • 621 - Avento
  • 600 – metal mirrors
  • MB – All Metal Bases
  • FRAME1 Options

With that said, they will have to push back the original estimated ship dates on the order confirmations that have already been sent out. We apologize for the delay and for any inconvenience this may cause.

Please rest assured that their production team is doing all they can to produce the highest quality products in the most timely manner possible. They push to maintain the highest of standards on all of their vanities and their talented metal team is working tirelessly to streamline the process. 

This delay is only temporary as they settle into their new plant. 

COLONIAL BRONZE (Covered in NY, CT, NJ)-  Posted: 12/11/18

Colonial Bronze is proud to introduce the latest additions to the Colonial Bronze line, including our award- winning Empire Collection. 

CLICK HERE to download the new product catalog and CLICK HERE to download the new product price list. Please verify your showrooms have received the new literature attached.  The Price List is for 2018 new products only. For existing items, please continue to reference our most current “2017 Price List.”  For hard copies of the new catalogs and price lists, or to order display boards of the new products, please let us know. 

Colonial's Empire Collection, which can be seen on the first five pages of the catalog, was selected as the Decorative Plumbing and Hardware Association’s “2018 Innovative Hardware Product of the Year.”  Additionally, Colonial has expanded their offerings with dozens of contemporary knobs, cabinet handles, appliance pulls and back plates.  Finally, Colonial has added four innovative finishes including: Frost Brass, Frost Chrome, Frost Nickel, and Weathered Brass, resulting in an industry leading 46 finishes.  Just like the rest of Colonial's hardware, all new products are made in the USA!

OCEANIA (Covered in NY, CT, AZ, LV)    -  Posted: 12/11/18

Introducing the latest new tub model from Oceania, the “Chilko.” Being part of their Signature Authentik, this tub is entirely made in North America and can include an Aeromassage system. 

This tub has a unique shape and features a beautiful seamless jointing system.  Another version of the Chilko for a deck-mount faucet will be introduced after the holidays.

CLICK HERE for more information.

THE FURNITURE GUILD -  Posted: 12/1/18

FG’s new 193 / 293 “Lydia” design.  Note the ¼” metal trim on the doors. 

Pricing is the same as the 280 “Stephen” design; always a popular price point.

Below is a photo from The Furniture Guild factory of a Lydia wall mounted version.  It features a single drawer like

the wall mounted Stephen.  This is a less expensive option with metal integration.  Shown in Harbor Gray and Satin Brass.

1. Has a Lifetime guarantee
2. Custom made one at a time just for the customer
3. Signed and dated by the craftsman
4. Always used formaldehyde free furniture grade plywood
5. All finishes are Greengard Certiied
6. 50 finishes available
7. Custom stain and paint finishes color matched
8. Custom sizing available
9. 45 Styles in both Transitional and Contemporary designs
10. 5 configurations in 14 sizes on all designs
11. 22 options available
12. 8 Styles of metal bases for wall hung designs in 7 finishes
13. Tops and sinks available in 5 different materials
14. Medicine Cabinets that match the vanity (not aluminum)
15. Frameless MC available as semi recessed custom
16. Frameless MC metal finger pulls available in 7 finishes
17. Transitional interiors finished to match exterior finishes
18. Pure bond substructure used in contemporary wall hung
      designs that will support 750 lbs.
19. Custom decorative hardware made in house.
20. Rarely do we say “NO” to a customer

THE FURNITURE GUILD -  Posted: 11/28/18

The Furniture Guild has updated their Production lead times!

100/200/300 Series (not including 295-Edwin or 292-Henley): 4-6 Weeks 

400/500 Series (not including 505-Josie): 6-8 Weeks 

600 Series/505 Josie/292 Henley/295 Edwin & All Metal Bases & any FRAME1 upgrade: 12 Weeks 

CAD Drawings for Custom Orders: 1-2 Weeks 

Please note that production lead times do not start for custom orders until the drawings have been approved and signed.

Holiday Closing Schedule: 

The Furniture Gild will close at 5 PM (EST) on Friday, December 21 and re-open on Wednesday, January 2.

We hope you have a nice holiday season!

COLONIAL BRONZE (Covered in NY, CT, NJ, AZ)-  Posted: 11/27/18

A little FYI on Colonial Bronze's Made in the USA quality:

Many imported lines "knock off" many Colonial Bronze items. They are good at "copying" in appearance only and not in functionality.

One example is the #101 Shutter Holder as seen on page 10 of the Colonial Bronze price book. It is made of a phosphor bronze and NOT brass.  Even at 8# hard, brass will lose its spring temper over time - phosphor bronze does not.  

For proof CLICK HERE to take a look at this chart.

OCEANIA (Covered in NY, CT, AZ, LV)    -  Posted: 11/27/18

CLICK HERE to view the 2018 Holiday schedule from Oceania.  Please note all orders must be received by December 10 to ship this year!

Oceania announces a Price Change for March 1, 2019. CLICK HERE for details.

ELECTRIC MIRROR (Covered in AZ, LV)-  Posted: 11/21/18

A key Electric Mirror competitor is initiating a December 1 price increase of 11 - 16% due to the tariffs!

These Tariffs have affected everyone, especially those that have their products made in China. However, Electric Mirror will NOT be increasing pricing on their lighted mirrors or mirrored cabinets in the near future.  You can sell Electric Mirror with confidence!

There will be a price increase on the Electric Mirror makeup mirrors around January 1 as these are made in China.  Please consider buying a few now to beat that increase!

COLONIAL BRONZE (Covered in NY, CT, NJ)-  Posted: 11/21/18


A WORD about our lead times......

As we have mentioned over the last few months, Colonial Bronze has been working hard to reduce their lead time. They now have their lead times to a level our customers expect.  To prove the point…

In the last 90 days:

  • 13% of all orders have shipped in one week or less
  • 39% of all orders have shipped in two weeks or less
  • 37% of all orders have shipped in three weeks or less
  • 09% of all orders have shipped in four weeks or less
  • 02% of all orders have shipped in five weeks or less

89% of all orders (including custom) have shipped in 3 weeks or less!

But wait, there is more…..!

Look for information from us next week regarding a new Colonial color catalog and price list addendum for the new items introduced this year. The printed copies are their way to us. 

CALIFORNIA FAUCETS -  Posted: 11/21/18

The 2018 Dealers' Choice Award Voting is Running Through December 15th

DPHA manufacturers are market and design leaders. Their offerings represent best-in-class products that DPHA believes deserve recognition.  That's why the DPHA Awards Committee added the Dealer's Choice Award a few years ago. This award - that was announced at this year's conference for 2017 and which was the California Faucets Morro Bay Single Hole Faucet - was added to place new products in front of the staffs of every DPHA dealer. 

PANASONIC (Covered in AZ, LV)    -  Posted: 11/21/18

Panasonic has a convenient email you can use to send your orders to:

EWS WATER (Covered in AZ, LV)    -  Posted: 10/26/18

EWS Water will have new pricing in effect 12/1/18.  CLICK HERE to view the 24 page EWS Summary Product and List Price Guide.  Hard copies will be distributed soon.

CLICK HERE to read an interesting letter from the CEO of EWS Water that explains these price changes, why EWS can maintain strong inventory for you, etc

PANASONIC(Covered in AZ, LV)    -  Posted: 10/24/18

OCEANIA (Covered in NY, CT, AZ, LV)    -  Posted: 10/23/18

Below are some photos to show you how well Oceania packages their "Pure" model tubs on their 5 Pack Special Net Program. 

Interested in learning more?  CLICK HERE to email us.

 ELECTRIC MIRROR (Covered in AZ and LV)  -  Posted: 10/20/18

CLICK HERE for a quote

CLICK HERE to register for free!

THE FURNITURE GUILD -  Posted: 10/19/18

Here are the current Production Lead Times for The Furniture Guild:

100/200/300 Series (not including Edwin or Henley): 4-6 Weeks

 400/500 Series (not including Josie): 6-8 Weeks

 600 Series/505 Josie/292 Henley/295 Edwin & All Metal Bases: 10-12 Weeks

 CAD Drawings for Custom Orders: 1-2 Weeks

 Please remember that production lead times do not start for custom orders until the drawings have been approved and signed

OCEANIA (Covered in NY, CT, AZ, LV)    -  Posted: 10/19/18

CLICK HERE to see a Q4 “Chelsea” Fireclay special from Houzer. Please note that this special is for the 30” and 33” Single Bowl in White ONLY. This is the lowest pricing they have ever offered for their pallet pricing!

CLICK HERE to learn about Oceania’s “Free Chromatherapy” promotion on select system tubs.

Special Net Pricing Request &body=Hi%20Dan,%20Please%20email%20me%20the%20net%20pricing%20for%20the%20Chelsea%20Fireclay%20Special." target="_blank">CLICK HERE to email us for net pricing.

You will notice two prices, a single sink price & a pallet price:

• When purchasing a single sink at a time please make sure reference the “Flat Rate Freight” zone map. CLICK HERE to see the map. Freight is not included when purchasing a single sink. Freight on a single fireclay sink ranges from $30-$50 depending on where it is shipping.

• When purchasing a Pallet, you can mix the sizes as long as they total 10 sinks. All pallets of fireclay meet FFA therefore no freight is charged.

• This Chelsea Fireclay Special is valid through the end of the year. (12/31/18)