California Faucets-  Posted: 01/16/2024 

Noteworthy media coverage on California Faucets!

  • Interior Design magazine covered the Trousdale® Series and Christopher Grubb. 
  • ZeroDrain® for the tub was also covered by Interior Design magazine.
  • Our diverse pot filler collection received some nice coverage in multiple publications.

California Faucets-  Posted: 11/20/2023


California Faucets accessories makes them the “Go To” line for showrooms and the design community.

Of special note are two clips that tout ZeroDrain® for the tub.  Winner of multiple international product design awards, ZeroDrain remains a perfect example of transforming an old school product into a better mousetrap. Better looking than standard pop-up drains and vastly easier to both install and maintain. 

Being a “one-stop-shop” makes it that much easier for people to specify our brand.  Combine it with swift delivery and friendly customer service and you have the makings of an irresistible brand.

Airmada-  Posted: 10/13/2023

Check out what the media is writing about Airmada Shower Drying Systems!

California Faucets-  Posted: 09/16/2023

Please enjoy the attached recent media coverage of our La Spezia® and Descanso Works® kitchen faucets.  Interestingly, the Descanso Works faucet was covered in The Hunt Magazine, a regional upscale publication from the Brandywine Valley in Maryland.  Good piece of trivia to remember in case you are a contestant on Jeopardy.

California Faucets-  Posted: 08/07/2023

Please enjoy the this media coverage from some of our industry’s trade publications.  Some of it is for our beautiful product (La Spezia Kitchen Series and ZeroDrain Tub), the rest is for the success of the “California Chameleon” video, which just garnered its fourth global award (a Gold Viddy award). 

California Faucets-  Posted: 07/13/2023

Some recent noteworthy media clips on California Faucets. 

Of special note is the coverage of the Rincon Bay (4502A) which was identified as one of Qualified Remodeler magazine’s “100 Most Requested Products” by their readers.

California Faucets-  Posted: 06/15/2023

As you can see, California Faucets continues to receive regular coverage by trade industry publications as well as select consumer magazines. 

Especially gratifying is the wide range of our product that they covered, including: 

  • Shower Kits
  • Christopher Grubb’s Trousdale Series
  • Descanso Works Series
  • Libretto Single Handle Lav Series
  • Single Handle Wall Mount Faucets
  • Kitchen Squeeze Faucets,
  • And last but not least… our new Appliance Pulls!

California Faucets-  Posted: 05/31/2023

California Faucets has just won a Gold Telly Award for their production of California ChameleonYou can watch it here: "Watch the epic battle of “Chameleon VS Faucet”


Gold is the top honor from the Telly Awards and it was the only one given for the “Branding Video Animation category.”   Plus, this marks the third global marketing award the Chameleon video has received (the other two: AVA Digital Award, and Hermes Award). 


With over 25 artisan finishes, even a Chameleon can’t keep up!  Please let us know if we can assist you in getting this video on your website, playing in your showroom, etc.


Started in 1979, the awards were created to “honor excellence in video and television across all screens.”  They receive about 12,000 entries annually from all over the globe.  On average, just 7-10% of entrants receive Silver.  And just 3% win Gold.  More on the Telly awards can be seen here:


Congratulations to CF for their innovative videos and faucets!

California Faucets-  Posted: 05/31/2023

California Faucets was just named the “Best Value in Luxury Faucets” by Starcraft Custom Builders, the oldest, largest, and most frequently read reviewer of faucet companies.
According to Starcraft, their in-depth reviews have been read by over 12 million potential faucet buyers. Most powerfully, over 80% of their readers intend to buy a faucet within 60 days.  This is a testament to how much readers respect these reviews. 

Nothing is better than third party validation; congratulations to California Faucets!

California Faucets-  Posted: 04/04/2023

California Faucets “artisan hands” (translation: not mass produced!) line continues to garner increasing coverage in the industry and design media.  Here are several recent mentions. 

California Faucets-  Posted: 12/12/2022

Besides the nice mentions of Descanso Works™, our new appliance pulls have already begun to catch the attention of the industry.  The Decorative Plumbing & Hardware Association (DPHA) recently graced our appliance pulls with an “Honorable Mention” at their annual POTY Awards, which shines a light on exceptional decorative plumbing and hardware product.  Posted: 11/22/2022

California Faucets-  Posted: 08/14/2022

Here is some noteworthy media coverage by three major publications:  Traditional Home, Interior Design, and This Old House

AIRMADA -  Posted: 02/23/21 


CALIFORNIA FAUCETS -  Posted: 10/25/21 

California Faucets “D Street” and “Libretto” (E5) series have begun to strike a nice chord with the design community. 

Libretto is a fresh addition to their single hole faucet collection. 

The Steampunk Bay series continues to garner media attention for its truly unique design.

CALIFORNIA FAUCETS -  Posted: 10/19/21 

California Faucets is receiving some nice coverage of their Descanso Wheel Handle faucet. This industrial-themed series has been a hit in the industry and continues to grow in popularity. 

Their recent addition of the colorful wheel handle further expands the custom options available in this series.  Whether you order it in sleek matte black or fire engine red, it is sure to make a cool impression.

CALIFORNIA FAUCETS -  Posted: 10/13/21 

California Faucets innovative Single Hole Tub Filler collection continues to attract industry media attention.  Beyond the style points the tub fillers deserves, the high flow capability really sets them apart from almost all the other single hole tub fillers on the market.  Truly blending form with function.

DEZI HOME-  Posted: 10/13/21 

This is the most recent “InspireDesign” media clip on the Dezi Home Sereniti Series Towel Bar.  Designers love this beautiful edgy design that can fit well with smaller spaces, hospitality environments, etc.

CALIFORNIA FAUCETS -  Posted: 07/22/21

Take a look at some nice media coverage of the California Faucets Descanso Wheel Faucet that is increasingly capturing attention with it’s striking red or black handle finish options.   

Based on early 20th century industrial handles, the wheel design adds yet another cool option for those interested in industrial chic design.

CALIFORNIA FAUCETS -  Posted: 06/25/21

The beautiful (and reasonably priced) Kitchen Squeeze Handle from California Faucets is getting a lot of positive press coverage.  See it featured in the Davoli model in Food + Home magazine.  The Supply House Times, servicing the plumbing supply industry, is also admiring the squeeze. View another beauty in Bath & Kitchen Pro Online, shown with the Quad spout.

The Descanso series continues to be a best-seller.  View how beautiful this kitchen faucet suite looks in the pages of the MainLine Today Online. 

Read a wonderful mention in Domino magazine of the Poetto kitchen faucet in Bella Terra Bronze as seen in Domino, one of the world's premier home consumer magazines.  It illustrates not only the main faucet, but also the matching accessories. 

CALIFORNIA FAUCETS -  Posted: 01/16/21

We love sharing media coverage of our products with you.  When we find it in two of the largest and most iconic magazines in the world, it is special. 

House Beautiful showcases the California Faucets Corsano kitchen (51 Series). 

.... and see it on the cover of This Old House!

Design NJ also has us on their cover with the beautiful Corsano Culinary.

Kitchen & Bath Design News offers a look at our Descanso Kitchen. 

The new Kitchen Squeeze handle is featured in DPHA Connections.

CALIFORNIA FAUCETS -  Posted: 01/16/21

In a world filled with crazy and often useless new gadgets, California Faucets continues to get press on their custom, handcrafted products or, as we like to say, “artisan hands, not mass produced.”   It’s a welcome touch of humanity in a world of widgets.

On that note, a fast-fill, single hole Tub Filler is now available!  CLICK HERE to read more as seen in the Decorative Plumbing and Hardware Association newsletter.

CLICK HERE to see three industry pieces on the new StyleDrain designs by Christopher Grubb!  These four new styles are getting a lot of press!

CALIFORNIA FAUCETS -  Posted: 12/8/20

Click on the image below to find out What's New in the Media in 35 seconds!

CALIFORNIA FAUCETS -  Posted: 08/19/20

Check out What's Happening in the Media!

CALIFORNIA FAUCETS -  Posted: 08/10/20

The fabulous Brian Boitano teaches Hunter the importance of #washyourpaws for good paw hygiene. Stay safe and healthy! Follow Brian @brianboitano and Hunter @hunterthedogsf on Instagram 💧: Davoli Kitchen Faucet in Matte Black

Posted by California Faucets on Friday, August 7, 2020

CALIFORNIA FAUCETS -  Posted: 03/09/20

“Valuing hand-crafted products” is a central theme on the new California Faucets website. 

CLICK HERE to read what KBB online and CLICK HERE Green Lodging News wrote about the updated site.

CALIFORNIA FAUCETS -  Posted: 02/24/20

California Faucets “Steampunk Bay’ Series continues to pick up steam!

Metropolis magazine, which targets the architect and design community, featured the single hole version; CLICK HERE to take a look.

CALIFORNIA FAUCETS -  Posted: 01/04/20

Looking for something new in bathroom faucet design? 

CLICK HERE for Retail Observer’s take on California Faucets new Steampunk Bay series. 

And CLICK HERE for a great shot of the single hole version and CLICK HERE for the widespread. 

Want more info?  CLICK HERE to read what Resource Online wrote.


Kitchen + Bath Design News loves both the look and functionality of the Hot & Cold Filter Faucet from California Faucets. 

Pull the single handle forward for cold water or push back and hold for hot.  CLICK HERE to read more.


When California Faucets introduced StyleDrain, it was the industry’s first truly decorative shower drain. 

Now, noted designer and Host of House Tipster, Christopher Grubb, has designed a new StyleDrain grid, the Mulholland.


 CLICK HERE to read more from KBB Online and CLICK HERE for KBB’s take on it and HERE for KB Resource.  

CALIFORNIA FAUCETS -  Posted: 11/27/19

Kitchen & Bath Design News touts the Steampunk Bay look and numerous finishes. 

CLICK HERE to read their take.

CALIFORNIA FAUCETS -  Posted: 11/22/19

CLICK HERE to read why Residential Products loves the look of Steampunk Bay by California Faucets.

CALIFORNIA FAUCETS -  Posted: 11/20/19

Pro Remodelers loves the Hot/Cold Combo Water Faucets from California Faucets.

CLICK HERE to read why its on their Top 100 List of New Products!

CALIFORNIA FAUCETS -  Posted: 11/19/19

Contractor magazine loves Steampunk Bay from California Faucets. CLICK HERE to read why.

CALIFORNIA FAUCETS -  Posted: 11/18/19


CLICK HERE to read what Bath & Kitchen Pro has to say about the new cylinder handles for the Bel Canto series from California Faucets.

CALIFORNIA FAUCETS -  Posted: 11/15/19

The Descanso series from California Faucets is now available for the kitchen! 

CLICK HERE to read more from Residential Pros.

CALIFORNIA FAUCETS -  Posted: 11/12/19

CLICK HERE to see what Qualified Remodeler magazine writes on Steampunk Bay from California Faucets.

CALIFORNIA FAUCETS -  Posted: 11/12/19

CLICK HERE to see the recognition of California Faucets from KBB “Reader’s Choice” awards.

Dezi Home -  Posted: 11/07/19

CLICK HERE to view the Dezi Home paper holder with shelf selected by Kitchen & Bath Design magazine as the example for their piece on bathroom organization!

CALIFORNIA FAUCETS -  Posted: 07/25/19

CLICK HERE to experience the Steampunk Bay Fantasy video

California Faucets continues to get media coverage of their new cool designs like Steampunk Bay.® 

 CLICK HERE to see it in Products magazine online.

CALIFORNIA FAUCETS -  Posted: 06/13/19

We often get asked which California Faucet series is the current best seller nationwide? 

To find out, CLICK HERE to see it in Interior Design Online,

           CLICK HERE for coverage in Green Home Builder

                 .....and CLICK HERE for Products Magazine.

DEZI HOME -  Posted: 06/13/19

Want to increase your accessory business? 

Look for innovative and well-made styles you can offer from Dezi Home. 

CLICK HERE to see some recent media coverage of their TP holder with shelf from Plumbing Perspective.

CALIFORNIA FAUCETS -  Posted: 06/13/19

California Faucets new Bel Canto E3 Series with Cylinder Handle is in the news…

CLICK HERE to see what Bath & Kitchen Pro writes

CLICK HERE for coverage in DPHA

CALIFORNIA FAUCETS -  Posted: 06/05/19

The California Faucets Descanso® Series has rapidly become a top seller and has clearly captured the imagination of many in the design community. 

CLICK HERE to see a brief description from Designer Dream Homes magazine showing a Descanso lav faucet in Burnished Brass. 

Now also available for the kitchen!

CALIFORNIA FAUCETS -  Posted: 04/18/19

CLICK HERE to read about the new Descanso Kitchen Faucet series as reported in the Decorative Plumbing & Hardware (DPHA) Newsletter. 

It’s “industrial chic” at its finest!


California Faucet’s new Kitchen Pot Fillers are already starting to garner attention.

CLICK HERE to see coverage in Qualified Remodeler Magazine.


Detroit Home Magazine loves the Poetto Kitchen Faucet. 

 CLICK HERE to see a suite they selected. 

Note how the thin stick handle is a cook’s dream as it won’t get all greasy looking like wider handles will while masterpieces are being created in the kitchen!


Beautiful Kitchens & Baths Magazine loves the California Faucets Corsano Culinary in Matte Black with Carbon (PVD) finished spring.

 CLICK HERE to see this beauty!

In addition to featuring the increasingly popular Matte Black finish, the article also shows California Faucet’s unique ability to finish the spring, an industry exclusive!

Interestingly, the magazine also covered the same culinary faucet in Polished Chrome with Matte Black handles.  CLICK HERE

CLICK HERE to take a look; it’s a good way to see what the same faucet looks like but in two dramatically different finishes.


CALIFORNIA FAUCETS -  Posted: 03/22/19

HOT OFF THE PRESSES! Wholesaler Magazine’s April issue features California Faucets.

CLICK HERE to read about California Faucets hancrafted (not mass produced) product made right here in Huntington Beach, CA and their focus on innovation and dedication to customer service.

CALIFORNIA FAUCETS -  Posted: 03/12/19

CLICK HERE to see California Faucets Descanso featured in Delaware Today!

THE FURNITURE GUILD (Covered in NY, CT, NJ, E PA, AZ, LV )-  Posted: 02/21/19

The Lydia Vanity from The Furniture Guild is featured in Aspire Design and Home

CLICK HERE to find our more.....

CALIFORNIA FAUCETS -  Posted: 02/21/19

The Descanso bath faucet was just featured by Interior Design magazine online!

CLICK HERE to view

CALIFORNIA FAUCETS -  Posted: 11/21/18

The California Faucets custom kitchen pot fillers that were introduced earlier this year have recently garnered some nice media coverage as the industry starts to take notice of the superior design, quality, and custom flexibility the brand is known for.  

Click on the links below to take a look.....

Kitchen & Bath Pro

Supply House Times

DPHA Connections

Main Line coverage of the California Faucets Corsano pull down kitchen faucet in Satin Gold (PVD) as seen in a Haverford installation and covered by Main Line Today.  

CLICK HERE to view

Interior Design Magazine has just announced that the California Faucets Descanso Widespread Lavatory Faucet has been named a 2018 Best of Year Awards finalist in the Bath Fittings category!

The winner will be announced on Friday, November 30th, at their annual awards ceremony in New York. 

CALIFORNIA FAUCETS -  Posted: 10/23/18

California Faucets is the 2018 winner of the DPHA Dealers Choice Product of the Year Award for the Morro Bay Single-Hole Faucet!

COLONIAL BRONZE (Covered in NY, CT, NJ, AZ) -  Posted: 10/23/18

Colonial Bronze is the 2018 winner of the DPHA Hardware Product of the Year Award for their New Empire Collection!

POSTED: 10/19/18

Do you like to sell products made in the USA?  CLICK HERE to take a look at 14 of them from our industry.


  • Bath & Kitchen Pro loves customizable Pot Fillers from California Faucets. CLICK HERE to take a look.
  • CLICK HERE to take a look at a USA factory crew having lunch together to celebrate 30 years of doing it right here in America!
  • The Retailer Observer - California Faucets adds Pot Fillers to their award-winning kitchen collection!.  CLICK HERE to read more.
  • Unique Homes features California Faucets matte finishes. CLICK HERE to read the article. 
  • CLICK HERE to read an article in Kitchen & Bath Business about California Faucets 30th anniversary!