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OCEANIA - 01/18/2024


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Oceania - 11/20/2023

Take advantage of Oceania's Black Friday offer to allow your clients to fully express their style and personality at a discounted price! Our beautiful baths from the Authentik Signature Series 

This exceptional offer, valid for all orders placed between November 17th and December 1st, 2023, applies to the following options:

  • EXTXXM: Custom Color Matte Exterior
  • SWXX: Special Finishes 

Oceania-Attitude - 09/14/2023


Locally produced quality
Our commitment to quality extends to our production process. All our shower bases are proudly manufactured in our facilities in Thetford Mines. 
We have a deep sense of satisfaction in producing right here in Canada, using top-quality materials sourced entirely from North-America.

Unmatched sturdiness and leak-free

All Oceania shower bases come with built-in supports that ensure unparalleled sturdiness. For any A, B, or C-type base,

integrated acrylic tile flanges combined with an anti-leak barrier provide peace of mind by delivering reliable waterproofing.

The latest one!
The newest base boasts the same exceptional features as our existing models but stands out with discreet thresholds and the addition of a linear drain cover.
Available sizes: 
48’’ x 36’’
60’’ x 32’’
60’’ x 36’’

The convenient one!
With its drain located at 12’’ x 12’’, this shower base is incredibly convenient. This model comes in handy when replacing a corner shower unit without the need to reposition the drain or when repositioning is simply not possible. It’s a game changer in bathroom design!

Oceania-Attitude - 08/21/2023

Through sustained efforts in research, design, and development, Oceania has revitalized the deckmount bathtub to offer an unparalleled experience. Available now, the new Viele bathtub series perfectly embodies our commitment to combine comfort, design, and functionality. 

Available in various sizes and versions, the Viele bathtubs features the following:

  • Thin edges for a discreet appearance
  • Narrow walls providing a spacious interior
  • Ergonomic backrest with lumbar support that follows to the natural curve of the back
  • Linear overflow and INF-type drain included in matte white

Click Here to download the Price List

Undermount installation possible

Available sizes:

  • Viele 60"x 28"x 21" , Left hand drain (VI6028L) 
  • Viele 60"x 28"x 21", Right hand drain (VI6028R)

Available sizes:

  • Viele 60"x 30"x 21" (VI6030)
  • Viele 60"x 32"x 21" (VI6032)
  • Viele 60"x 36"x 21" (VI6036) 
  • Viele 66"x 32"x 21" (VI6632)

Available sizes:

  • Viele 72"x 32"x 21" (VI7232)
  • Viele 72"x 36"x 21" (VI7236)

Oceania - 06/30/23

VALSAN - 04/15/22


Valsan will have a 20% price increase effective May 16.  When using the Valsan Pricebook, please add an additional 20% to the printed price.

An updated Excel Price Sheet will be sent out on May 1st reflecting this increase.

CLICK HERE for more information.

OCEANIA - 03/23/22

IMPORTANT! Oceania has an updated freight policy starting April 1, 2022 . Click Here for the details.

Click Here for the Updated Drop Shipment Authorization Form

AIRMADA - 02/10/22

Jerry with the Airmada folks and their Best of KBIS award!

Record Backlog of Cargo Ships - 09/22/21

CLICK HERE to learn more

OCEANIA - 08/10/21

Please note that the following Agaya shower doors are out of stock and will not be restocked. Therefore, here are the models that are discontinued and corresponding  California shower door models for easy substitution:


AG36R34      ➤ PB23634
AG36R36      ➤ PB23636
AG42R36      ➤ PB24236

Matte Black:
AG36BK        ➤ PB136BK
AG36R36BK  ➤ PB23636BK
AG36R34BK  ➤ PB23634BK
AG42R36BK  ➤ PB24236BK
AG42R36      ➤ PB24236


Below models are available while stocks last: 

Also note that the Milano freestanding bathtub is also out of stock and is now discontinued.

Best regards,

The Oceania Team

VALSAN - 08/10/21


Dear Valued Customer:

As many of you know, the cost of raw materials, as well as transportation both domestically and internationally, has been on the increase since the beginning of 2021. Given these increases, we have no alternative but to institute an across the board price increase of 10% effective September 6, 2021. 

To help facilitate this increase, we will be emailing the new pricing in an Excel format to all of the showrooms and e-commerce partners, as well as providing the new price list in a flip doc upon request. At this time, we will not provide a printed price list, so please distribute this letter to all your sales associates.

ADD 10%
Effective September 6, 2021

This increase will not affect any projects that have already been quoted, but will be incorporated in new quotes.

On a positive note, our main factory in Portugal is at full capacity and our stock levels here in our White Plains, NY warehouse are excellent. Our inventory is replenished every two weeks and we are still more than happy to meet any of your custom needs.

Best regards,

Joe Niesi

POSTED: 03/22/21  

CLICK ON the images below to read informative articles about the issues manufacturers are currently facing in getting the supplies they need to make their products:

OCEANIA -  POSTED: 03/22/21

Despite our best efforts, we are currently experiencing supply chain difficulties on some raw materials.

Unfortunately, this situation affects our production flow. Therefore, we would like to inform you that your orders may ship later than what was originally planned.


Additionally, for an indefinite period of time, production on the following products will be suspended.

Please note that we will not be able to set new shipping date before mid-April:
Corner shower unit (AV36/AV362S/PO36/PO362S/PO32/PO322S)
Multiple units order on Pure and City bathtubs (10 or more)
Showroom displays

If you need to place an order for one of these products, please send a separate PO.

For all products other than those stated above, be assured that we will do our very best to fulfill your orders as soon as possible.

Thank you for your precious collaboration,
The Oceania Team

OCEANIA -  POSTED: 02/18/21

CLICK HERE to see new configurations available from Oceania Baths in their Optimale Series:


Oceania Optimale Series is a unique juxtaposed bathtub and shower space concept designed to meet the diverse needs of designers that seek to create a feeling of roominess in the smallest spaces:

  • Shower and bath nested one beside the other
  • Modular system with over 70 possible configurations
  • Highest quality and most modern materials available: Lucite® acrylic shower base and bathtub
  • Doors and walls are 3/8” tempered glass treated with Oceania’s exclusive Clear View water-repellent technology
  • Suitable both for renovation projects as well as new buildings

OCEANIA -  POSTED: 02/16/21

As you probably know , the world supply chain is affected during this pandemic;  here is the situation at Oceania Baths for the Influence One Piece Free-Standing Bath Series:

Lisbon : Stock 24 units

London : Sold out , ETA 1st week of April 2021 .

Milano ; Sold out , ETA 1st week of April 2021 .

We will update you if any changes should occur. Thank you for your business!

OCEANIA -  POSTED: 02/11/21

Please CLICK HERE to read an Updated Freight Policy from Oceania Baths that adds info about potential additional costs when freight must be re-routed or additional handling is required.

OCEANIA -  POSTED: 01/22/21

CLICK HERE to find a helpful “cheat sheet” showing the free-standing tubs from the Oceania “Authentik” Collection with their List Prices to assist you in your efforts to sell this fine line!

OCEANIA -  POSTED: 01/15/21

The new Muskoka from Oceania is a free-standing tub with a unique egg-shape. 

However, it cannot be ordered with the Wrap Finishes as the factory has found that it is impossible to get a perfect look.

CLICK HERE for more information

OCEANIA -  POSTED: 11/11/20

Oceania Baths Updates

Oceania Baths is introducing the “Rupert,” a new tub in the “Authentik” Series. 
This tub is available either with 3 skirts or 2 skirts and will be available beginning November 15. 
CLICK HERE for the Rupert sales sheet with 3 skirts. 
Model Numbers / List Price: 
RU62 (3 skirts)
RU62-SFL (skirt front and left)
RU62-SFR (skirt front and right) 
List Price: $3601.00
As of today, Oceania Baths will be discontinuing the following models: 
Noble Freestanding
Freedom Freestanding
Sublime 6634 Freestanding
Florence (Influence Series)
Oulu (Influence Series / Please Note: the factory currently has 5 of these models left in stock as of today).
 Shower Doors
California Matte Black
The factory will be stocking California Doors in Matte Back, beginning next month.  With this move, they will be able to sell fixed Shower panels in that finish.
This also means they will offer an alternative for Pivot doors in the Agaya & California Series. Pricing on that will be available next month.
Optimale Selector
Just to remind you that the Optimale selector is available on line for your use.  The version with pricing can be forwarded to all sales consultants; making the selling and promoting of Optimale much easier with this professional tool.
Please give it a try at

OCEANIA -  POSTED: 09/25/20

Oceania Baths is updating the linear overflow version of their popular "Pure" bathtubs.  As of October 1, 2020, the toe-touch drain and overflow trim will be a required accessory from Oceania Baths and shipped in its own box to be installed by the contractor on the jobsite. 

CLICK HERE to view this linear drain and overflow pdf with the choice of finishes. 

The standard round overflow hole version is also still available; it requires a waste and overflow drain available from the manufacturer of your choice.  The round version Pure tub is our best seller for projects.

The price for all Pure tubs will remain the same with round or linear overflow.  Please contact us for quantity pricing offered on Pure tubs.

OCEANIA -  POSTED: 09/16/20

The new “Chilko 64” from Oceania Baths is a new free-standing tub with a unique shape. 

The compact format comfortably accommodates one or two people and can easily work in classic or contemporary designs since it is both oval and rectangular.

CLICK HERE to for more info. 

CLICK HERE for the retail price sheet that also specs and other useful info.

OCEANIA -  POSTED: 08/03/20

CLICK HERE to see the binder sheet for the new Oceania Chilko 64.  Printed copies to follow soon.

OCEANIA -  POSTED: 07/16/20


The new “Muskoka” 67”x36”x22” free-standing tub from the Oceania “Authentik” Signature Series is now available. 

It is already in the 2020 Price Book on page 29. 

Color sheets will be out soon. 

CLICK HERE to take a look!

OCEANIA  -  Posted: 06/29/20

Small Space? Oceania Has a Perfectly Unique Solution! 

The Optimale Series from Oceania Baths is a unique  concept for small spaces that combines the bathtub and shower space.  With over 75 possible configurations, designers are excited to learn about this option!
To make things easier, Oceania Baths now has a new Interactive Optimale Configurator Tool available at to help you show the clients the possibilities that await!
Click Here for a tutorial to explain how the Configurator tool works.

Introducing Valsan's 2019 Catalog and Price List!

Here are some of the changes to our policies and offerings:
  • Minimum order has been eliminated
  • Drop ship fee to a residence has been eliminated
New additions to our existing collections including:
  • Paper Towel Holder
  • Single Perpendicular Towel Bar
  • Double Perpendicular Towel Bar
  • 9 inch Towel Bar
  • 12 inch Glass Shelf
  • Glass Shelves and Grab Bars to our Kingston Collection
  • Free Standing Soap Dispenser to our Pombo Essential Collections
  • Additional Finishes including Matte Black, Polished Brass, Unlacquered Brass and Gold to most collections
New Collections:
  • Axis - Contemporary
  • Industrial - Loft Inspired
  • Olympia - Traditional
  • Custom Design Solutions - If you don't see something - say something!!