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DADO Manufacturing, established in 1998, is a South African manufacturer of luxury and quality bathroom ware. DADO Manufacturing strives to always bring timeless luxury and enduring quality into every bathroom experience. DADO Manufacturing innovatively designs and crafts bathtubs and basins using our own unique DADO material.

DADO is NOT a “solid surface” tub line like others.  Solid surface is just that, solid on the surface only.  This is done to fill in the tiny air holes on the surface so the tub doesn’t have a “biscuit” like surface full of tiny holes that look bad and harbor bacteria. DADO is solid cast stone throughout so it is not necessary to paint the surface.

DADO has a natural matte stone appearance and is silky smooth to the touch, its special properties and the stringent technical criteria under which it is engineered means that our products are exceptionally strong and have extended durability backed by our 25-year lifetime warranty. Every DADO bathtub and basin is hand-finished and inspected, a DADO Manufacturing commitment to quality craftsmanship.


At Home Hot Stone Therapy

Enjoy Alfresco Bathing

Treat yourself to a true piece of art

Make a splash of colour

Our bathtubs are 100% solid throughout

Training Video - What is DADOquartz?

Training Video - The DADOquartz Promise

Traing Video - Thin Rim or Wide Rim

Training Video - Vessel Basins / Your basin of choice

All DADOquartz Bathtubs are fitted with a standard Internal Overflow

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DADOquartz Bathware offers a range of Child-Friendly bathtubs and basins

Office: 860-838-4688
1030 Washington Road
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